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Kerr Real Estate draws upon over a hundred years of combined experience in every facet of commercial property management, brokerage, and development to offer its clients a wide range of services.



Understanding the local conditions and their influence on property is imperative in our ever-changing markets. Because every market is unique, quickly gaining a complete understanding of these markets is essential to helping clients make the best decisions. We combine leading market research tools with our extensive knowledge to help clients understand emerging trends, analyze projects, and develop great opportunities.


Over the years, KRE has developed relationships with many of the industry's most reliable contractors and professionals throughout the country. Together, with our dedicated design and construction teams, we develop creative solutions and consistently deliver projects on time and within budget. For investors, KRE creates attractive returns on development projects, usually in joint venture or incentive fee-based deal structures to maximize financial success.


As property managers, KRE performs comprehensive market research to determine a property's optimal retail mix. With our extensive network of retailer relationships, we are able to efficiently deliver assets with improved occupancy, net operating income, and valuation for maximized real estate performance. Our management plans are customized to meet the needs of any retail property and often include maintenance, advertising, public relations, and security.


KRE offers uniquely informed perspectives on consulting, delivering technology-based, data-driven, strategies to help advance our client's goals. Our unmatched experience allows us to provide a wide range of advisory and consulting services, including: location analytics, retail analytics, competition analysis, asset analysis, operations analysis, valuation, strategy development, and development and redevelopment feasibility studies.


As one of the most experienced teams in the business, KRE can provide unique insight and solutions, supported by leading market research and extensive professional networks, in any transaction. We offer complete listing services, including: acquisition, disposition, and subleasing of property, lease management, and full-service property marketing. We work closely with brokers throughout the country to move real estate efficiently and effectively.

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